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Eagle Scope is Firma Technologies' simplified solution for managing client's art and infrastructure assets. Users can now archive, host, share and interact with 3D models without any geographical boundaries.


(Coming Soon)

Managing and validating art pieces and objects can be challenging.

Eagle Scope Art can help users to visually digitise their collections in order to:


  1. Archive and keep stock of their collections

  2. Provide remote object showcases with art collectors, galleries and potential buyers.

  3. Validate the authenticity of art pieces using machine-learning techniques.

Firma Technologies is currently developing a mobile application platform that will allow users to video and co-build interactive 3D models for remote sharing and viewing.


With Eagle Scope Infrastructure, Firma Technologies can arrange for remotely located teams to view and interact with infrastructure models with easy hosting and viewing capabilities.

This platform can be used to incorporate personalised machine learning algorithms to detect and analyse infrastructure defects and risks.


For existing clients, please click on the "Client Log In" button located on the top right corner of the website or you can click here to access your Eagle Scope account.

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