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Firma Technologies is a company that focuses on creating solutions centred around science, engineering and technology, very often trying to marry all three disciplines together. Our solutions can be divided into software and healthcare products.


Under software solutions, we focus primarily on Artificial Intelligence (AI), developing rapid, accurate and competitively priced engineering-based solutions to help clients track and project-manage compliance risks with infrastructure assets using image analytics and digitised information.

In view of the current pandemic, Firma Technologies also provides hygiene consulting services and has been appointed as the APAC distributor for Hecosol GMBH's patented, anti-microbial technologies.

Our Founder


Steven Fang, PhD

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Having created more than a dozen companies in the biotech space over the years, Dr Fang counts his many passions in the life sciences and healthcare sector. As a self-professed “serial entrepreneur”, he has recently stepped down from his roles from Clearbridge Accelerator and Capbridge, a Singapore-based technology incubator that provides funding and guidance for a number of companies and a capital-raising platform with the Singapore Exchange respectively to focus on maturing his other companies. Invitrocue is listed on the Australian Stock exchange and Firma Technologies is his youngest company to branch out from Singapore and into the Melanoma space in Australia.

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