Description of Services

The Services are limited to and comprised of the downloadable iPhone or Android platform application Eagle Scope and its relating project management services. The Services are provided to you as the user as follows:

1.     The user will register and receive an email validation for an Eagle Scope account depending on your role in the project.

2.     The user or third party provider (depending on the arrangement) will upload their digital images to their account for review through the Eagle Scope platform

3.     The Eagle Scope platform and related services include a combination of both labour and artificial intelligence. These services are and not limited to, data capturing, the rendering and processing of 3D models, extraction of metadata, data analytics and machine learning.


Our Services

1.     By using the Eagle Scope platform and its related services the user accepts the intended use and limitations of both the services as highlighted below.

2.     The construct of the model is heavily influenced by the images produced by the user or from any third party vendors (if applicable).

3.     It is therefore the user’s responsibility to ensure that the data captured and uploaded to its associating Eagle Scope platform is accurate.

4.     Both the image quality and data capturing process are equally crucial in producing high quality 3D models. Some factors that influence the output include:

  • The shape, size and (design) complexity of the scanned object

  • The surface texture of the scanned object (reflective and transparent surfaces will affect quality)

  • The resolution of the camera used for videoing the object

  • The speed and consistency of the video capturing process

  • The amount of background noise/unnecessary objects in the video frame

5.     Firma Technologies and its associating entities will therefore not be held liable for producing 3D models that the user might not be satisfied with in the fore-mentioned statement.

6.     The associating Eagle Scope services may also include services from third party providers who may collect diagnostic or analytical data overtime.

7.     These providers are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant and they comply with applicable privacy and data protection laws.

8.     Firma Technologies does not disclose any personal or company information to third parties for their own use unless it is necessary to fulfil the conditions and agreed objectives in the user(s) relating service agreements.

9.     Additional information that Firma Technologies collects from its users when using Eagle Scope services might also include statistics, such as the number of images and their respective resolutions, number of model triangles, number of used laser scans and ground control points.

10.  None of the above-mentioned data includes any visual image information. Neither the transferred data will directly or indirectly identify people, scenes or objects in the images or laser scans.

11.  Firma Technologies and its related entities will not be held liable for the images produced by the user or the models that were generated from these datasets. Ample guidelines however, will be provided for data capture to users.

12.  For users using the Eagle Scope Art platform and related services, only video formats (or 200 images) are accepted. In addition, the object photographed should not be taller than 2 metres.

13.  Any violation on the above prescribed boundaries may result in additional costs and may also compromise modelling quality.

14.  All services are not a substitute for regulation/quality control/or a certified means of object authentication. Any use of the Eagle Scope platform is under the user’s discretion.

15.  Users also acknowledge their responsibility in managing their individual accounts sensibly and in a secure manner.

16.  For the Eagle Scope Art platform, Firma Technologies and its related entities will not be involved or held liable for any private (including financial) arrangements or agreements made between users in relation to their assets hosted on the platform.

17.  In relation, for Eagle Scope Art platform users, Firma Technologies and its related entities do not claim 100% accuracy on any asset information shared on the platform. As the user, you have expressly acknowledged that any information provided to you by other users on the platform and its associated entities will be used at your own discretion and risk. 

18.  Once you as the user creates an account with Eagle Scope, you will not be able to delete it.


Data Protection and Privacy

Firma Technologies takes your data protection and privacy very seriously, using several security procedures to protect the user’s personal information and data from unauthorised access or disclosure and to ensure compliance with data protection standards.

1.     Web servers have SSL certificates installed;

2.     All data (whether sensitive or not) transferred from the user to the company are encrypted by HTTPS;

3.     Account passwords are stored using one-way encryption and so cannot be retrieved or decrypted;

4.     All systems, both web servers and database servers, sit behind a firewall restricted to only necessary ports for running the Website and all sensitive areas of the Website and App (login and account sections) run over industry standard secure SSL-encrypted protocols to prevent interception and unwanted access to accounts;

5.     User payment details will not be shared or held by the company at any time, and are also not stored on the company’s servers.

6.     Eagle Scope stores the user’s uploaded digital images and models on Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud servers with data centres currently residing in several countries. AWS itself has its own security protocols that they have to adhere to ensure that they offer the highest level of online security. Firma Technologies may also use the third-party service providers in future for additional data security reasons or to comply with local cybersecurity standards.


Use of your data

1.     By uploading your images to Eagle Scope, you as the user express consent to the images and all its geodata and metadata to being processed for the purposes of the provision of Eagle Scope services and to be used anonymously for the purposes of research and testing of the software.

2.     As such, the user expressly acknowledges that the images they uploaded may be reviewed by the company’s employees or third-party consultants engaged by us. All third-party service providers mentioned in this disclaimer are subject to similar privacy obligations as are contained in this disclaimer.

3.     The user grants Firma Technologies and its associating entities a transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license to use anonymously any of the images and data that the user uploads to Eagle Scope for the purposes of commercial research and marketing purposes.

4.     Firma Technologies will retain and protect the user’s personal information in the usual way during this period with the explicit consent to the user’s images continuing to be used anonymously for the purposes of medical, clinical and commercial research, and for testing and improvement of Eagle Scope. Firma Technologies and its related entities will ensure that the user’s information is not shared with other parties.

5.     The user acknowledge that the company will, from time to time extract geodata and other additional metadata of the images that have been provided for its own internal research and training.


Limitations on Liability

All other conditions and warranties, statutory or otherwise and whether express or implied, are hereby excluded, and no guarantee, other than that expressly herein contained, applies to the product being Eagle Scope. to which the guarantee relates, or any necessary part thereof.


Governing Law

Eagle Scope and its related services shall comply and be governed in accordance with the law of Singapore, which includes the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Firma Technologies has provided the above terms and conditions for users to review and understand when using its associating platforms.

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