Physical Asset Management

Managing infrastructure

The global infrastructure market for asset management and maintenance is expected to exponentially increase by 2023 with the procedure of condition assessment functioning as one of the fundamental steps taken to manage infrastructure risks and liabilities.


The outcomes of these initial condition assessments are used as an input for decision-making in infrastructure management to determine the types of resources required for maintenence.

How can our

technology help?

Most condition assessments today are done manually by sending technicians or engineers to the site to obtain photographic evidence before manually processing and evaluating the images by certified engineers, which is time-consuming and costly to do so.


By incorporating visual machine-learning techniques, clients can automate grading and identification assessments. Empowered by artificial intelligence to make decisions can improve response time towards asset interventions (e.g. maintenance interventions).

Seamlessly blending existing protocols and machine-learning capabilities can assist to quickly engage in capital intervention.

What is Eagle Scope?

The Eagle Scope platform is Firma Technologies' simplified solution for managing client infrastructure assets. Clients can now host, share and interact with 3D infrastructure models on a global scale.

This platform can be used eventually to incorporate personalised machine-learning algorithms to detect and analyse infrastructure defects and risks. Clients can now make even better business decisions given the amount of information made available to them via our platform.

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