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About Firma Technologies

Firma Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions company that develops rapid, accurate and competitively priced engineering-based solutions to help clients track and project-manage compliance risks with infrastructure assets using image analytics and digitised information.


Our patented technology and proprietary approach using image capture and asset integrity data analysis enable us to accurately predict and prevent asset failure in order to optimize asset management, safety and efficiency performance.

The Management Team

Steven Fang, Ph.D.
Founder & Member of the Board

Having created more than a dozen companies in the biotech space over the years, Dr Fang counts his many passions in the life sciences and healthcare sector. As a self-professed “serial entrepreneur”, he has recently stepped down from his roles from Clearbridge Accelerator and Capbridge, a Singapore-based technology incubator that provides funding and guidance for a number of companies and a capital-raising platform with the Singapore Exchange respectively to focus on maturing his other companies. Invitrocue is listed on the Australian Stock exchange and Firma Technologies is his youngest company to branch out from Singapore and into the Melanoma space in Australia.

Nicole Fang

Graduating from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Nicole has been exposed to the bio tech and healthcare space from a young age. Volunteering to help out at various healthcare roadshows since high school and interning in sports and healthcare companies in Singapore, Nicole was able to put that experience to use to build and help expand Firma Group into Australia from Singapore. 

Chan Way Ng, Ph.D.
Technical Development Manager

Chan Way is a biomedical engineer who is passionate about innovation in medtech. During his PhD candidature in NUS, he built a monitoring system for the liver cell isolation process, which is an important process for biomedical and pharmaceutical studies. With his machine learning experience during his PhD candidature, he joined Firma Technologies to develop AI-based solutions for asset management industry and healthcare industry.

Benjamin Wong
Key Account Manager

Benjamin has been exposed to a wide spectrum of Information and Communication Technologies - from development, design and digital marketing strategies for both mobile and web platforms during his study at the National University of Singapore. As a previous software engineer with a passion for innovation and business, he brings valuable project management and implementation methodologies to the team.

Chin Yi Ng
Finance Manager
Chin Yi has 10 years of experience in auditing and accounting. He was an audit manager in KPMG Singapore handling audit clients from various industries before becoming the Finance Manager of Firma Technologies Pte Ltd. Chin Yi holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from RMIT University, and he is also a member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountant.
Heng Seng H'ng
Software Engineer

Hean Seng is a software engineer that is interested in utilizing technology to resolve problems in the world. For his final year project during his study in Monash University, he built a system to attribute the authorship of texts via the principles of stylometry.  Joining Firma Technologies, he hopes to be able to utilize his skills to contribute to the industry in a meaningful way and to be able to hone his skills as well. He is currently assisting in the commercialisation of the company’s proprietary 3D hosting platform that aims to unify the fields of asset management with data analytics.

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